Become a Quantitative & Systematic Trader

We are a team of quantitative and algorithmic approach-based traders who believe in continuous pursue of excellence and discovery of a new horizon of wealth creation through various financial instruments available in the market. It is observed that most of the retail traders in our Indian market are newbies or yet to be profitable. It has been seen that very often when most of the retail traders place a trade order, if the trade goes with the analysis they book their profit too early or exit from their winning trade and similarly if the trade goes against the analysis retail traders mindset says that the loss will be recovered and thus they do not exit from the loss making trade with the same speed as the winning one, it costs a huge amount of capital loss for most of them. This emotional blockade happens due to the lack of knowledge of trading psychology and real time practice. Traders emotion can be used in a positive way too. Traders can trade with confidence if a back tested, high probability system can be developed and implemented in the live market which can give a probable reversal point with good risk to reward ratio. As per the back test result it is observed that traders can earn maximum profit, if the entry and exit from a trade is near the reversal points. In this case our proprietary setup Dynamic Support & Resistance Indicator and Buy Sell Pressure Indicator can help them a lot. It will warn about the probable reversal points with a clear picture about overall market strength. These indicators can transform a Normal Trader to a Systematic Trader. In our course we try to provide you not only a good trading setup, but also attempt to rise your confidence.

It is to be noted that there is no guarantee that traders can earn money from a high accurate setup as market is extremely dynamic and deviations in its behaviour seen daily but what if your system can change itself time to time and adjust himself as per current market behaviour then!!

Woo that’s a Boom, right? Yes, it’s possible by inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and advance trading algorithm on it.

All the systems designed by us is powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) which are improving automatically day by day with more data points and logics are incubated in it. If you observed our market analysis video then you can effortlessly comprehend our accurateness of the said levels. Till date our systems are able to provide 95% accurate analysis on Nifty and it is only possible because of our high accurate proprietary setup. We are observing same data points which millions of other people are also observing but the difference has been created in filtering of this data with our advance algorithms and AI based system. Thus, it builds more accurate systems. By our AI based proprietary systems we can visualize those data points which only 2% traders can see. These 2% people can only follow market maker and make huge profit because rest 98% people are losing money. As we all know stock market is as a zero-sum game. We can only earn when someone lose the same amount of money and this is universal rules for all business.

So, if you want to learn the ways of being a successful and a profitable trader though a proper system-based trading approach and want to save your hard-earned money and your precious time, Come & Join our community and realize the changes not only to P&L of your trading account but also in your mindset which will be a winning one forever.

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