What is Buy Sell Pressure Indicator ?

This indicator has been developed by using the various combination of market parameters like volume, volatility, momentum and price as a holistic approach. In each financial model there are numerous parameters which needs to take on account to capture the behaviors of the market as a whole. Each of the parameters needs to be assigned different weightage to calculate a particular end value for a particular time frame for analysis. This weightage of the parameters need to be dynamic which is supported by Artificial intelligence supported algorithm which automatically adjust the weightage of the parameters as per the behaviors of the market. This indicator is an end result of a financial model which tries to capture the probable market behavior in advance so that it becomes helpful for taking an informed decision regarding any transaction. Enabling of Artificial Intelligence in this model makes it self-adjusting as per the movement of the price, volume, momentum and volatility. This indicator gives an all-inclusive approach and overall view towards Over-Bought & Over-Sold Zone, Bullish Divergence & Bearish Divergence and above all Overall market trend. This indicator has been tested on over 15 years of data by using Python automation testing tool and the resulting accuracy of this proprietary indicator is over 95% till date.

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