What is Dynamic Support Resistance Indicator ?

This indicator has been developed by using active fear and greed analysis of the market. Support is the demand zone of any financial instrument and Resistance is the supply zone of the same financial instrument. This demand and supply zone has been created in the price level due to the fear and greed of the market participants over a horizon of time. This proprietary indicator tries to capture the probable zones of the supply and demand for a time frame in advance by calculating various parameters like price, volume, volatility, short-term trend & long-term trend of a particular instrument. In this financial model there is extensive use of behavioral finance which tries to capture the market participants mindset and the probable reverse psychology that may trigger in the marked zones by this propitiatory indicator. This is an Artificial Intelligence enabled indicator which improves automatically with the time and more availability of the price volume volatility data those are generated regularly. This custom designed propitiatory indicator enables market participant to figure out a probable reverse level along with the stop loss level for any transaction. It also describes probable high pace movement of the market above or below the extreme zones marked by this indicator. This indicator has been tested on over 15 years of data by using Python automation testing tool and the resulting accuracy of this proprietary indicator is over 92% till date.

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